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A Musical Meteor Brought Greg Fowler to Alabama

Greg Fowler always wanted to be in radio. He realized that dream at a station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — but little did he know that an ad he dutifully read on-air for a local bar band would foretell a cosmic shift in his life’s journey. 

During our recent visit, we talked about his story and […]

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Beth Cowan Drake Inspires Photographers To Open Their Eyes To The World Around Them

Have you driven by a pond for years and never stopped to examine the waterfowl swimming around on it? Or vaguely noticed the night sky without sitting still to watch the stars? You aren’t alone. But artists like Beth Cowan Drake can tell you…the world around you is worth a slowdown. 

This awareness is a skill Beth […]

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Pierce Pettis The Traveling Troubadour Is Right Where He Wants to Be

Throughout his career as a performer, songwriter, and recording artist, Fort Payne native Pierce Pettis has been inside the hurricane they call the music business. But he is also an outsider, never achieving the often sought-after goal of world fame — and for that, he is grateful.

Through his work with Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, PolyGram Publishing, […]

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Damon Johnson Is Living a Life He Could Never Have Dreamed

Let me tell you, I would not have imagined when I left Fyffe High School in 1971 that five decades later I’d be sitting on my sofa watching a guy from Geraldine playing guitar with Lynyrd Skynyrd on the network’s New Year’s Eve special. 

Damon Johnson finds it equally unbelievable that he is THAT guy. 

“I’ve […]

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Chance Gray is Taking the Road by the Horns and Achieving His Dreams

Chance Gray’s name is a little ironic, considering his career in music was born not by serendipity, but by doing whatever it took to do the work he loves.

This Alabama singer-songwriter is near and dear to me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he wrote and performed the theme […]

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War Babies

How a sailor’s trip to the dry goods store led to a lifelong love — and an Alabama storyteller

It’s winter. Late 1940’s. The war is over. The good guys won.

Seaman First Class Tirres Fredrick Hunter had left home as a teenager, too young for the fight unless someone signed for him to enlist. His uncle Emerald drove him to […]

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How a plan greater than myself brought me home from Texas to Alabama

It is said luck is where preparation meets opportunity.  Obviously, a life traveling the state and knowing its people provided preparation. In truth, I had daydreamed about telling the stories of the people and the land from which I grew. Then came a two-fold opportunity.

My television career […]

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A Journey

The love of storytelling fosters a lifetime of sharing the tales of Alabama’s people

Fred Hunter had a love of baseball from a young age, passed down to him from his grandfather

I hear the question often: “Which came first, an abiding affection for your native state, or the desire to tell […]

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The story of the trademark hat explained through generations of Hunter menfolk

According to my family’s history (mostly oral, as things were in those days), Moses Hunter migrated from his birthplace in Villa Rica, Georgia, into Northeast Alabama and married Mary Jane Dennis in May 1889. Another bit of family lore contends hers was an assumed name, taken to conceal […]

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