For 25 years, the television series “Absolutely Alabama with Fred Hunter” brought viewers stories from every corner of the state. As host, Fred explored small towns, big cities, and rural countrysides to discover the sometimes hidden but always fascinating stories that comprise Alabama’s rich cultural tapestry.

Fred Hunter visits with Chris Richardson of Richardson Axeworks.

Fred Hunter’s Alabama finds this natural-born storyteller once again donning his trademark Stetson to take viewers on a journey. Through this project, Fred will share stories of the fascinating people he’s met across the state. He will explore the Northeast corner of Alabama in particular, where Fred was born and raised, where he has many family connections and lifelong friendships, and where he and his family own a cabin nestled in the woods of Lookout Mountain.

“There’s a story everywhere you look for one,” says Fred.

Restaurants. Schools. Small businesses.

Innkeepers. Shop owners. Craftsmen. Entrepreneurs.

Fascinating creators, from painters and photographers to sculptors and musicians.

He’ll introduce us to Alabama’s wonderful people while exploring the diverse and gorgeous landscape that makes this one of America’s most unique states.

Fred Hunter’s natural curiosity and friendly manner have captured the interest of audiences across Alabama and beyond for a quarter century. As he begins this new chapter of his career, Fred is excited to introduce viewers to new stories of fascinating people and thrilling adventures — stories you’ll only find in Fred Hunter’s Alabama.